2 Lifediabetescomic2De Copy 300Here’s today’s cute story: second generation comics kids with diabetes create a comic to help other kids deal with the illness, OMEGA KID VS DOCTOR DIABETES:

Kamaal, now 12, and his younger brother Malcolm, 11 — with the guidance of their dad Alonzo Washington, whose comic book creations include a socially conscious superhero called Omega Man — crafted a comic book series to help other kids dealing with diabetes.

The boys now have two comic books and a third on the way. The comic books ($5 each) are meant to help kids “know what to do so that if you get it or if someone you know gets it, you can learn about it in a funner way,” says Malcolm. He does not have diabetes, but he helps Kamaal by watching for signs that his brother’s blood sugar is too low or too high. He also doesn’t eat sweets that Kamaal can’t have.