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As you know, we’re a bit skeptical of celebrities who suddenly yearn to write comics, having discovered this long-buried dream now that comic book movies are all the rage in Hollywood. There are a few slebs we’ll give a pass to, however, based on the fact that they were out and about being comics lovers long before it become fashionable. Such a figure is English chat show host Jonathan Ross, known as “Wossy” in Blighty because of a famed lisp. Ross — who gained comics fame for smooching Neil Gaiman at the Eisners in 2007 — has been on enforced hiatus due to a suspension over a phone prank, but hasreportedly put the spare time to good use by writing some comics for Marvel :

Wossy, 48, a keen collector of old comics, said: “I’m writing some comic books but it’s a lot harder than I thought.”

Comic expert Rich Johnston said: “Jonathan has a good relationship with Marvel. It would be a dream come true.”

In fact, Ross may be eager for a return engagement at the Eisners — according to a Twitter just yesterday “I’d it weird to be getting excited about comicon on January ?” No Wossy, not at all…we’ve been having anxiety dreams about it for about two weeks.


  1. has any of the celebs/pseudo celebs Marvel has hired to actually write for them panned out in the end?

    shouldn’t they just slap his name on the top of the book?

  2. Why yes. Kevin Smith wrote a Daredevil arc that is still very popular. JMS wrote a best selling arc for Spider-Man for years that doubled sales. Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men sold very well.

    Does Greg Rucka count?

  3. I mainly know Ross from watching some comic / geek culture documentaries. Most notably the wonderfully done In Search of Steve Ditko. He showed amazing craft reviewing comics history and a good healthy sense of fandom too. Plus his Japanorama shows were also quite fascinating. Just wish I could get (legit) copies of them. I’m sure he could do some good stories.