[email protected] wraps up all the news from days 1 & 2: Phil Jimenez on Spider-Man, GREEN ARROW ending.

Mark Evanier

Second day of the con: Same as the first, only a lot more people there. Around 2:00 in the afternoon, you could have lifted your feet off the floor and just let the crush of humanity carry you down the center aisle. But off to most sides, it was a bit less cramped and most people didn’t seem to mind a lot.

I did three panels, starting with a nice chat with Nick Cardy, one of the great comic book artists. Here’s a link to Nick’s website and if you browse about, you’ll agree with the way I introduced him: No one ever drew handsomer men or sexier ladies. We discussed his work for DC, particularly on Bat Lash, and Nick narrated a slide show of his paintings and advertising work. He did some real nice movie posters but the paintings he did for his own edification were even better.

Steve Duin cuts to the melodrama::

Ever heard of Herbie Siegel? He led tours at DC. and pasted the masthead on DC comic pages. No one could ever figure out how Herbie kept a job at DC for nigh on eternity, but the story Evanier and Jones have heard is that when the cops showed up one day to haul DC publisher/owner Harry Donenfeld off to jail for revealing a tad too much in one of those girlie magazines, Donenfeld promised ol’ Herbie that he’d have a job for life if he agreed to masquerade as Donenfeld and take the 90-day rap. Knowing the DC comics of that era, I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few guys remained on staff for similar reasons.