Fans were treated to first look at the upcoming anniversary book available this August
WonderCon attendees got more than they expected today at the WildStorm 25th
Anniversary Panel. This year marks a major milestone for the imprint, and the
founder, DC Publisher and artist Jim Lee. To celebrate Jim gathered a group of Wildstorm alumni: Ryan Benjamin, Dustin Nguyen, Richard Friend, Scott Williams, Carlos D’Anda, Ben Abernathy, and Mark Irwin.

We’ll recap what exactly went down during the panel later, which included a touching tribute to Oliver Nome who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer.

For now we’ll post the biggest news to come out of the panel

The panelists divulged fresh details on WILDSTORM: A CELEBRATION OF 25
YEARS—an oversized hardcover collection coming this August. The book will
include thrilling new stories from some of the comics’ legendary creative teams,
including a WILDCATS story from Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, a GEN13 tale from J.
Scott Campbell, THE AUTHORITY story from Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, and a
BACKLASH short from Brett Booth; brand-new pinups of classic characters from
John Cassaday, Tim Sale, Fiona Staples, Adam Hughes, Carlos D’Anda, Lee Bermejo
and Ryan Benjamin; behind-the-scenes material; and reprints of WildStorm’s
greatest stories.

Check out this Fiona Staples piece celebrating Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips Sleeper!




  1. A book to make us remember what a great label Wildstorm would have been if :
    – they would have gone further in the Coup d’Etat storyline (Wildcats 3.0 was a really great title in the end, same goes for Stormwatch: Team Achilles) or World’s End (even if it somehow can be aligned with one of DC crisises).
    – they didn’t throw away the Gen13 franchise (with a Herod msytery never resolved).

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