Two issues of Uncanny X-Men will tie into the big Original Sin event at Marvel this year – issues #23 and #24. Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Chris Bachalo will be the creative team for the two-part story, which will reveal the last will and testament of poor old dead Charlie X.


With everything being revealed, it may as well be time to take a look at who’ll be getting what from Xavier – who’ll be inheriting his floating wheelchair? Who gets to keep Muir Island? Does he have any more sentient robots chained up somewhere, being tortured?

I doubt any of those questions will be answered. But the solicitation does suggest that as the will is read out, an old enemy will show up to cause some trouble for the X-Men, as a result. Uncanny X-Men has long been the book which is honest about the Xavier character – who was no martyr for mutantkind, let’s be fair – and it looks as though more secrets about how rotten he is may be coming to light during this arc. Fun!


  1. @JG

    Actually is already “returned” months ago in RedSkullXavierSlaught form in a “what wil happen to our heroes months from now” in an issue of Uncanny Avengers. Only problem to get him back as a whole his brain is now inside Red Skull’s skull. But maybe the Franksbeast from Age of Apocalypse could lend an hand of help there.

  2. Reading about superhero news these days is like stepping into a Salvador Dali painting.

    Xavier is rotten now? Sensei gone wrong? Is Magneto a good guy or a bad guy these days? Or do the roster of mutants just stand around in the Danger Room shouting at each other?

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