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According to ICv2, you will be able to suck a Slurpee from Wolverine after all, as 7-Eleven plans a big Wolverine movie tie-in.

The Collectible Slurpee Straws come with a removable figure and a base on which to display it, while the refillable Wolverine Coffee Mug features Wolverine’s trademark triple claw slash mark. The 7-Eleven stores are also promoting the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game, which debuts on May 1st, the same day the movie opens. 7-Eleven customers can pre-book either Xbox 360 or PS3 versions of the game with just a $5 deposit.

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  1. “which debuts on May 1st” – or em.. today on a torrent site near you. The people at fox must be going completely nuts.

  2. I have the straw caddy of Wolvie and CReed, but Creed looks like he’s in the middle of a dance number off the “Thriller” album.

    They just installed the Jackman-Wolvie standie, I hope they let me have it. They gave me Hulk and Iron Man already ^_^