Not that some brave fools aren’t still looking to jump into print. Comic Foundry recently announced that it is leaving the web — gasp!– for a print version.

After December, we’ll no longer be doing the online issues so we can concentrate on putting out a printed issue in ’07. I hate to bid farewell to the online issues, but producing those were time consuming enough — adding in the work of a print edition would run us over the cliff. But, fear not, we’ll still have an online presence. I’m not ready to show my cards yet, but we’ll definitely be blogging and we’ll always be active online.

Risky as it is, it does make sense, given the high visual style that editor Tim Leong has given hs print experiments for COMIC FOUNDRY. Even if it does mean that he can’t do this kind of thing as easily. But who else is doing COMIC COVER OR SEX SCENE?

Oh yeah, Leong jumps in on the what to do with Wizard bandwagon, as well.

This year Wizard switched from a comic-sized book to a bigger page size and expanded their entertainent coverage. At the time it seemed like it was more of an advertising move to broaden their client base, and it still seems that way now. Why? Because the entertainment coverage they were putting out was the type of stuff you could get anywhere. If the top dogs want to spin Wizard more as an enterainment mag, it certainly seems McCallum was not the right guy to do it, based off the current coverage. Perhaps the switch to more non-comics entertainmetn coverage tries to address their readership retention problem, but it’s just not working out. Maybe McCallum was great at getting Wizard from A to B, but with this switch in direction he clearly wasn’t the right person to take the mag from B to C.