If you think you are going to be so clever and dress up like the Joker for Halloween, please remember– there are a lot of clever people. It’s a hit in Boston:

Terry Andersen was about to place his Halloween costume order at a supplier trade show in Las Vegas last January when a sales representative announced that Heath Ledger, the actor playing the Joker in the much-anticipated Batman sequel “The Dark Knight,” had died.

The room grew silent and Anderson, who has worked at Boston Costume in Cambridge for 16 years, knew what Ledger’s death meant for his Joker costume order: He doubled it.

If you MUST dress up as the Joker Nurse, go ahead, but whatever you do, DO NOT subject an innocent animal to this kind of treatment!



  1. If you want to be clever, go as Jack Nicholson as Nurse Ratchet as the Joker.
    how do you put the lipstick on the dog? and i’ve always liked the smilex pussy cat that Brian Bolland drew.

  2. “Hey. What did you do this Halloween?”

    “Not much. I watched the first Nightmare On Elm Street movie and dressed my dog up as the Joker.”

    “Wow. Were you high?”

    “Nope! I just thought my dog might enjoy that.”