Where’s the blogosphere? What happened to everyone? Is it just the warm weather? We know *we* have problems, but what’s everyone else story.

Maybe it’s time for a poll:

What are the best message boards about comics? We used to hang out on Delphi, The V, and The Engine but now we hardly ever stop by anywhere, even such worthy places as Panel and Pixel. Where does everyone else hang out?


  1. I spend most of my time at the Image Comics messageboards, particularly the Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, and Ivan Brandon boards. The latter two, in particular, are a fun place to hang out regardless of whether you read any books by the creators.

  2. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been busy moving.

    As for online comics hangouts, my favorite is Comic Bloc. They finally got the servers back up this weekend after a week or so of downtime.

  3. The Standard Attrition board is my new favorite place to post. Brian Wood, Jason Aaron, David Lapham, Jock, Cliff Chiang, Brian Azzarello, and G. Willow Wilson….I feel like the psoting there is really engaging and unlike most other places. Its nice to be able to chat one on one with some of my favorite writers and artists too. David Lapham is my new hero from being on it.

  4. Well, besides here….

    There’s Occasional Superheroine. Newsarama.

    I read ICV2 and the Comics Reporter regularly, and POV occasionally.

    The rest of my comics time online is spent reading comics, like Evil Inc. I mostly read via ink and paper. (If I get a better cell phone, this might change.)

    I’ve got so much stuff in my apartment to read, and much of it good, that I don’t have time to search stuff online.

  5. I’m not really buying comics anymore. It’s been a downward spiral since the end of Civil War for me. I worry about money too much for funny books.

    I only visit you and Val, at this point, Heidi. Newsarama used to get me, but not so much anymore.

    Then again, I never really liked message boards much. Blogs are somehow better. I guess I like authority.

  6. “What are the best message boards…? … Where does everyone else hang out?”

    I’ll second Jim Valentino’s forum; nice place. My favorite home-on-the-web, though, is Lurid.com: “Official forums for the Lurid Crew*, plus talk about movies, comics and pop culture!”

    * Jay Geldhof, Wayne Alan Harold, Will Pfeifer, Toby Radloff, Mark Ricketts, P. Craig Russell, Jill Thompson and Rob Ullman.

  7. The Comic Forums are probably the best ive seen. Its very active and there is none of that newsarama, cbr type of stuff going on.

  8. Zuda/DC message boards, Comic By Comic, Flashback Universe, Kleefeld on Comics – and that’s really about it. Panel and Pixel when I have an hour to spare – which these days is unlikely.

  9. CBIA mainly. I also follow the political threads at The Engine. Maybe a couple days a week I’ll check out Bendis Board, TCJ, Comicon.com, The V and Dwayne McDuffie’s boards (down for maintenance right now), and collectors-society boards.

  10. The Indie Spinner Rack message board is a really lively, creative online community. They’re part of the huge list of boards at the Comic Forums. It’s not only about the ISR podcast (very little of it is, actually), but involves lots of interesting discussions about comics culture in general and art comics in particular.