73140235We haven’t been blogging much about GHOST RIDER because…well, let’s face it, it’s been around forever,and we already played out that whole “Nicolas Cage’s life dream is to play a superhero” bit. A few little news snippets have been surfacing. Like how he baffled co-star Eva Mendes and her out-of-control breasts with his bold acting choices:

Eva Mendes, who co-stars with Nicolas Cage in the upcoming Ghost Rider, told SCI FI Wire that Cage had an unorthodox way of getting into his character. “He would have the script, and he would come to the set and do the opposite of what was on the page,” Mendes said at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention last week. “Nic would take it to another level.” Mendes added: “He would flip everything that was happening in the script that day, it was fascinating. I expected the unexpected, and that’s what I got.”

Cage’s most recent coif has also drawn negative attention at Go Fug Yourself for its Tom Hanks-like properties:

Unfortunately for Nic, trotting around in hair befitting an alleyway rapist isn’t actually going to make his movie about a flaming skeleton biker look any less wretched.

Oh yes, the film is also getting major exposure in a coveted Super Bowl ad spot.

The film opens on February 16.