200704060141-1Delayed posting today as we’re off trying to gather food for our beloved Inky — we’re just terrified to feed her any wet food these days. We were feeding her ‘human tuna’ for a while until someone reminded us that you can’t eat too much tuna because of the mercury levels. Inky does not need mercury poisoning on top of her other behavioral issues, believe me.

Inky is not happy eating kibble, but as you know, we are long time supporters of the Kibbles’n’Bits, so that’s just the way it is.

BTW, That Darn Cat food is NOT repeat NOT, part of the recall, but it at least gives this post a semblance of topicality.


  1. You think that’s hard try finding food for a Kitten, I just got him about a week before the recalled and all we had was wet food, he didn’t get sick, and we turn right to dry food ASAP. Purina Kitten Chow for my Ulysses.

  2. Our cats get prescription Royal Canin Urinary SO because one of them has chronic urinary tract problems. Or he used to have these problems–the prescription food has pretty much cured them. Plus it doesn’t even have wheat gluten as an ingredient.

    The cat in question repaid our kindness by peeing on the bed yesterday, BTW.

  3. We’ve been feeding our Pippi Science Diet and Fancy Feast. The chunky style Science Diet was on the bad list for a while but the regular “pilaf” style is all good. Also Meow Mix has been okay.

  4. I don’t have cats, but I’ve started feeding my dogs wet food by Pedigree (a part of Mars Incorporated) after I learned that my dogs’ Trader Joes wet food was voluntarily recalled. I thought Trader Joes would be safe if anything, but even they are part of the Menu Food chain. Anyway, Mars insists their food is unaffected by the recall. They also make Sheba, Whiskas, and Temptations for cats. So, those might be some other options…

  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone. This pet food matter is getting more and more mysterious however — Congress plans hearings, more food is being recalled every day and the whys and wherefores of the melamine getting into the gluten in the first place remain shrouded in mystery. Curiouser and curiouser.

    Even more sadly, according to a report on CNN I saw today, people can’t even sue for emotional damages, since pets are considered property like a bike under the law.

  6. People don’t bawl their eyes out over the loss of a wheel of their bike. They do weep, cry, wail in misery when a beloved pet dies. At least I did – twice. For two different cats.

    All three of the cats presently sharing our house go nuts for their dry kibble. I’ve been trying to keep track of the recalls, but so far the Purina Indoor cat formula and the Kitten Chow seem to be safe. All three are still thriving.