It’s Saturday, so time for a look at some of the digital comics sales going on right now.

First up, there’s a small Alan Moore sale going on.  It’s one of those that has a page at Comixology and Amazon has the same prices, just no uniform link.  You know what?  It’s all good stuff.  The one you might not have heard of previously is The Bojeffries Saga.  The short way of describing it would be Alan Moore’s and Steve Parkhouse’s take on the Adams Family.

Then there’s a sale on Garth Ennis and his Dynamite work.  Once more, there’s a Comixology page, but Amazon matches prices without a centralized page.  The signature work here is The Boysa comic that was a little too hot for DC to handle and has a much more serious side than the slapstick would initially have you believe.  Soon to be a TV show, too.

Finally, Marvel has a Comixology-only Punisher sale.  I’m hesitant to recommend The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci to anyone who hasn’t already read Welcome Back, Frank (which isn’t in the sale), so I’ll re-iterate an early recommendation for the Greg Rucka run.