Meanwhile over at Newsarama, Bob Wayne discusses DC’s implementation of the FoC system. You’ll recall that this system–which Marvel has been using for some time now–allows retailers to lower or raise their orders for books much closer to the on-sale date based on feedback, and other evolving factors. It’s probably as close to “returnable” as the DM can get under current conditions:

NRAMA: Is this a win-win for both you and the retailers, or do the retailers come out slightly on top here?

BW: It’s a positive for DC in that our feedback loop tightens up – we can know what’s working – not just from anecdotal information, but with hard number information, because retailers are voting with their adjustment numbers. If something’s not working, then they’ll be cutting their numbers, and if something is working, there’s a focus period where they’ll be looking at their numbers, and have the chance to raise them.

Our experience with 52, and conversations we’ve had with retailers about similar adjustment systems leads us to think that we’ll probably end up with more comics being ordered with this program than less. In that sense, it’s a good thing for DC. For retailers, they’ve been asking for this, and feel that they benefit by knowing that, if they’re not going to be able to sell something, by not having it shipped to them, and not having to pay for it. It’s a virtuous cycle.