So last night, as I continued my quest to find every riddler trophy in Batman: Arkham Knight, I started to get a bit bored. I figured I’d jump into “New Game+” mode which unlocks upon finishing the main story. “New Game+” lets you relive the entire Arkham Knight story without the pesky having to collect everything over again. Anyone who hasn’t played it; Arkham Knight’s story is one worth combing through multiple times.

The game’s opening cinematic sees the body of the Joker being cremated right before our eyes. In fact the game doesn’t start until you hold down any button long enough for the flames to char the corpse. Yes it’s sadistic, but this time around I held down the buttons long enough to singe the body but never quite have it go up in flames. Even as “under my skin” finished its classic catchy tune, I still only managed to extra crispy the Joker’s body.

Once I decided to get on with the show, I noticed a distinct lack of Jim Gordon’s opening “this is how the batman died” speech. Instead, the game delivered another “oh sh**” moment when the Joker’s body appeared to laugh back to life and Mark Hamill’s voice delivered a new opening statement to the story.

Check it out below if you don’t plan on going through the game again:

For those of us who have gone through Batman: Arkham Knight, what have been your favorite parts of the game?