metornometanakaVia Bryan Talbot’s website:

As mentioned before in this news column, last year Bryan took on the responsibility of being the sole agent for Veronique Tanaka and to find a publisher for her innovative graphic novel METRONOME, an experimental and erotically-charged “visual poem”. Well the book is published this month by the New York company NBM. You can buy the book at

There is also made available a 17 minute animated version of the book at

It’s quite amazing – frame-by-frame at one second a frame, the book works equally well as an animation, though the experience is very different. In the animation, you can’t see the subliminal shapes that the panels make on the page. NBM are offering a free 3 minute excerpt on their site as the animation is usually pay-to-view but we can offer you unlimited access for the limited time of one month. Just go to the site and put in this free access code: 04545