Back in the late ’80s, Morley Safer sat down with the MAD crew.


  1. It’s quite sad what MAD has become these days. I stopped renewing my subscription several years ago when they started included ads and stopped including the funny bits.

  2. Yes… I remember this… back in the day when ANY mention of comics in mainstream media was cause for celebration! Big fan back then, before I got hooked on video games, then comics. (Senior year, my English teacher rekindled my interest in MAD.) In the Fourth Grade, I wrote an essay on the history of MAD, the teacher gave me an A-. And then a friend of the family bequeathed his old 1960-62 issues to me… holy freaking axolotl! Wally Wood, Dave Berg before his style became petrified, guest stars galore, weird things in the margins, Mingo and Freas on covers, MAD jewelry and busts and straightjackets and hardcover anthologies…

    Then one day, I walk into my local comic book shop and someone sold their entire collection. $1 an issue, so I grabbed as many of the older issues as I could! Shoulda sold a kidney and bought them all!

    Up through the late 1980s, you could walk into a grocery store, find the magazine rack, and there would be CARtoons and MAD paperbacks. Occasionally, one would find an old Signet/NAL edition in a used book store.

  3. Thanks, Heidi. This is sad, sad stuff when you consider MAD’s current state of affairs as an anemic, “filler”-stuffed quarterly publication, with only Sergio Aragonés and Al Jaffee in every issue. Many feel that MAD has been replaced by shows like THE SIMPSONS (yay!) and FAMILY GUY (blechh), which also teach the lesson to question authority, but thanks to Warner Bros., MAD has become marginalized more than one of Sergio’s “marginals”, dammit.

    Coming up next, zombie Dave Berg’s latest articlem “The Lighter Side Of Life Support Systems For Institutional Publications”…

  4. Gosh, how great to hear all those old New York accents! Love the rimshot kit–I think every office should have one.

    I grew up on MAD and I can testify that I learned a ton about current events from their satires. It was absolutely educational–but mostly damn funny.

    Thanks for posting this.