Vault Comics has released its top-notch creator list for 2024. 

Adrian Wassel, Vault Editor-in-Chief, stated:

“Years of hard work and quiet innovation are about to launch Vault to the top. It’s all built around—and in support of—our creators. The list of Vault’s next wave of talent speaks for itself, so there’s not much for me to say except, keep up.” 

And the list is…

Alex Schlitz
Amalas Rosa
Ben McCool
Brenden Fletcher
Cavan Scott
Cassio Ribeiro
Christopher Cantwell
Cody Ziglar
Collin Kelly
Corin Howell
Dailen Ogden
Daniel Kraus
David DB Andry
Eliot Rahal
Gio Sposito
Greg Pak
Hannah Klein
Jackson Lanzing
Jim Terry
John Bivens
John Jennings
Lisa Sterle
Michael Moreci
Nathan Gooden
Nicholas Eames
Paul Cornell
Pete Wentz
Peter Milligan
Peter Wartman
Phil Collen
Pius Bak
Rich Douek
Steven Kostanski
Tim Daniel
Tim Seeley
Zander Cannon