While the Empire of Parsa is in the midst of a civil war and famine, Princess Sera receives a vision from the deity Mitra pleading with her to find the Royal Stars and set them back in their rightful place in the heavens. The Princess leaves her nation to find these fallen stars to restore order and save her people.
With writer Jon Tsuei (Bitch Planet: Triple Feature) at the helm and art by Audrey Mok (Betty & Veronica), the new limited series Sera and the Royal Stars from Vault Comics gorgeously captures an epic fantasy quest through a Persian landscape. Raúl Angulo (Angel) on colors, Jim Campbell (Firefly) on letters, and designer Tim Daniel (Rat Queens) round out the team.
Sera and the Royal Stars
Sera and the Royal Stars is the kind of fantasy story we (and I do mean all of us—creators, editors, publishers, retailers) were told for years was too grand in scope to market in comics. Which, of course, was absolute nonsense. Saga alone obliterated that previously held misconception,” said Vault Editor-in-Chief Adrian Wassel. “And a little lesbian Viking comic I happen to love deeply—yes, Heathen—also did its part tearing down walls. But I think, following the success of those titles and others, the truth of the matter emerged: High fantasy, epics of all sorts, aren’t too grand for the medium. That’s absurd. They’re just really dang difficult to make well.”
Wassel added that the series is a “quest blending dozens of Asian mythologies that somehow made me feel like I was re-watching my favorite episodes of Avatar, while re-reading my favorite issues of Monstress, with a hero I cared about so deeply I was twelve again.”
Sera and the Royal Stars #1 is slated for release in July.
Sera and the Royal Stars preview Sera and the Royal Stars preview Sera and the Royal Stars preview


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