Vault Comics has announced that this summer they will publish a comic book tie-in to Revealer, the hotly anticipated Shudder original horror film from Michael Moreci, Tim Seeley, and Luke Boyce. The one-shot will be written by Moreci, Seeley, Boyce, and Aaron Koontz, with art by Dean Kotz. The publisher teased that more creators will be announced soon.

All net proceeds from the comic will be donated to Brave Space Alliance, the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, IL. 

Check out details about the movie below:

“Revealer is set during the height of Satanic Panic in 1980s Chicago. Angie Pitarelli just wants to make some extra cash dancing in her peep show booth at the Revealers Adult Bookstore. Sally Mewbourne wants to save Angie’s soul by leading a protest outside her workplace. When the sky turns red and terror starts to consume the streets, Angie and Sally end up trapped in Angie’s booth—and, together, have to find a way to survive an apocalypse of biblical, and demonic, proportions. The Revealer film is a Shudder Original and will be available on their streaming service on Thursday, June 23rd.”

The full synopsis for the comic is here:

“Spinning out of this summer’s hit indie horror film REVEALER, these four stories tie directly into the movie! Learn more about the characters, the lore, the Revealers adult bookstore, and what awaits on the other side of the biblical apocalypse.”

“We made a movie! And, of course, being comic book guys, we had to make a comic that ties into that movie,” said Seeley. “Vault is giving us a chance to tell some stories that we couldn’t do in the film, and play in the sandbox created by the great Luke Boyce.”

“I’m thrilled beyond words about all of this,” added Moreci. “Making a movie has been my dream for as long as I can remember. And getting a chance to now marry two of my loves–movies and comics–is so cool. We’ve got so many great stories to tell in the Revealer universe, and along with director Luke Boyceand a few others, we’re going to put out a comic we’re very excited about.”

The Revealer comic book will hit store shelves on August 31.