Vault Comics has announced Barbaric vs Deathstalker, an epic comic crossover one-shot by Michael Moreci, Tim Seeley, and Nathan Gooden. The book will be included as part of the Deathstalker Kickstarter campaign that is live right now

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Cursed barbarian versus warrior king! Axe versus sword! Owen versus Deathstalker! When an evil wizard summons the two most reluctant heroes of all time, they’ll have to square off. But a clash of steel alone may not decide the final victor.  

The forthcoming Deathstalker comic book is presented by Vault in partnership with Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Shout! Studios, and Raven Banner Entertainment. It is currency live as a smash-hit, fully-funded Kickstarter campaign that will produce a deluxe hardcover graphic novel adaptation of the cult classic sword-and-sorcery movie franchise, Deathstalker, as part of Vault’s previously announced Headshell imprint. The Kickstarter campaign offers gorgeous, deluxe, oversized hardcover editions of the book that are exclusive to this campaign. 

“As a kid who grew up on Guns N’ Roses and considered Slash to be pretty much one of the coolest people on the planet,” said Moreci. “Having a chance to collaborate with him is more than I could have ever hoped for. Couple that with Deathstalker, one of the coolest so-bad-its-good sword and sorcery movies ever (and as most know, I love sword and sorcery), this is a dream pairing. You’ve got Barbaric, Slash, and Deathstalker all in one place–I can’t think of much cooler than that. And, obviously, we all know Owen and Axe will come out on top!”

Presented by Slash, and based on a story by writer, director, and legendary creature effects artist Steven Kostanski (Psycho Goreman, The Void), the Deathstalker comic is from writer Seeley (Grayson, Hack/Slash, Money Shot) and artist Jim Terry (Come Home, Indio).

Barbaric vs Deathstalker

Barbaric is co-created by Moreci and Gooden. Among Vault’s best-selling series, Barbaric has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and was named one of the best comics of 2021. 

Tier 0 Kickstarter backers and above for the Deathstalker campaign will automatically receive the Barbaric vs Deathstalker crossover. Tier IV backers and above will also receive a free PDF of Barbaric Volume 1

The Kickstarter runs through tomorrow, November 9.