Another of the editors laid off by Marvel in 2011 has found a new home at Valiant, as editor Alejandro Arbona (who worked on books including Invincible Iron Man and Casanova) has been announced as a new associate editor for the company. This comes as a crushing blow to The Beat, because that last sentence really could’ve used a re-write.


Arbona will be the fourth editor working for Valiant, joining Jody Lehup, Josh Johns and Warren Simons at the company. Most recently he had been freelancing, working on the third Casanova series (which was creator-owned, so Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon retained his services even though Marvel ended his company-owned contract) as well as Sacrifice by Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose.

In the press release announcing the news, Arbona says:

Valiant blew me away last year, and I had high expectations to begin with. When you combine the familiarity of these characters with such fresh new ideas and approaches, and such a crackerjack team of writers, artists, and editors overseeing it all, the potential really is unlimited. And I’m over the moon I get to re-join forces with my mentor, Warren Simons, and take on an entirely new world of great stories.


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