Valiant’s first crime/noir/murder mystery comic makes its big debut in April. The publisher just revealed more details about The Final Witness, which it first teased earlier this month with a super cryptic image. On Monday, Valiant revealed the full creative team for the five-issue mini-series: writer Ray Fawkes, artist Jeremy Haun, colorist Nick Filardi, and letterer Clayton Cowles. The publisher also released new promotional art by Rahzzah and a preview consisting of four unlettered interior pages.

The Final witness promo image
Art by Rahzzah

“I’m thrilled to bring a crime-thriller twist to the Valiant superhero universe, and I’m excited to see the fans react to this book,” Fawkes said in a statement. “It’s a real ride, with a lot of twists and turns and some good, horrifying crime thrown into the mix.”

He added, “People who read my work know I love the darker side of things, and this book is one where I truly get to cut loose. I’m really looking forward to watching fans try to unravel the mystery!”

Series editor Heather Antos said clues toward solving the mystery start appearing in issue #1 and continue from there, but readers should be ready for some big and unexpected twists. Before the creative team for the book was revealed, Antos was the only one who had gone on the record about what to expect from the book, and from the sounds of things, Fawkes and Haun are just as excited to work on it as she is.

“I work with Ray Fawkes and our colorist Nick Filardi every chance I get,” Haun said in a statement. “They’re some of the best talent in the business. It’s exciting to be working together on this story for Valiant.”

The Final Witness #1 hits shelves on April 29, 2020 at your local comic shop. Check out a preview below.


Written by Ray Fawkes
Art by Jeremy Haun
Colors by Nick Filardi
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Covers by RahzzahMichael WalshCaspar WijngaardJeremy Haun, and Travis Escarfullery

Can a powerful new hero, a detective, and an investigative journalist solve this chilling case as more and more bodies are found in San Francisco?