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We’ve been delayed today by Barack Obama and now a conference call on the very important Cheese Rolling Festival that we’re consulting on. We’ll be posting this afternoon, and apologize for the delays.


  1. My grandpappy was a world champion cheese-roller. He had to give it up however after the great Limburger accident of ’63. Now even the faint whiff of Stilton sends him into fits of crying. We lost a lot of good curd rollers that day………..

  2. Yeah, I was busy at work today and I still was transfixed as I could travel farther than my headphone cord while I listened to the entire speech. He hit it out of the park. Does anyone still think this guy isn’t qualified after this speech (which he write himself), especially given McCain’s “senior moment” today in Iraq where he couldn’t recall whether Iran and al Qaeda are Sunni, Shia, or Shi’ar (at least until good buddy Joe Lieberman whispered in his ear that he just made a major blunder)?