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Ulises Farinas is a Member of ACT-I-VATE, and with this drawing, he says what many of us have been feeling.


  1. *sigh* As I like to remind my fellow New Yorkers, it’s not “cold” until it gets below 20 F. It’s “freezing” when it gets below Zero (real, or real feel, take your pick).

    Right now at Noon in the heartland, here in Omaha, Nebraska, the temperature is 7F, feels like -8F. The sun is shining, so it’s tolerable.

    And, yes, we had to walk to school in this mess, even when we had an entire week of below zero temperatures. And I walked uphill, both ways, a mile every Saturday to get my weekly comics fix. (Back when comics cost sixty-five cents.)

    But I understand… complaining is the local sport in New York… it keeps us from killing each other.

  2. Isn’t it freezing when it gets below 32? At least that’s what the ice on the sidewalk by the subway told me this morning.

  3. Torsten you have your idea of “cold, I have mine. When I have to wear a hat, scarf and gloves inside my apartment, it’s *freezing* outside. We had 13 degrees here in NYC plus a wicked wind chill on top of it. Yes other parts of the country have it worse, but I don’t think I’m complaining. It’s just friggin’ cold, plain and simple.

  4. “FREEZING, dude…. freezing. ”

    ah – I see, I wasn’t trying to be funny with my remark – just been a brit, I have no idea what the weather is like in Pittsburgh or wherever it is the beat lives.

  5. “I swear Torsten – if I hear one more uttering of the word Nebraska outta you…”

    to be fair, he didn’t mention Barnes and Noble in the post.

  6. Around here, it isn’t considered cold until you can hear the snow squeak when you walk on it. -30 or -40 somewhere. And the snow is just something to move out of your way.

  7. Well Mark – you know you can’t find a Barnes and Noble anywhere in Nebraska – because they’re way too far buried under miles of cornstalks for anyone to notice.

    You gotta rev up one of those John Deere Combines in order to dig ’em out.



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