Many blogs, including Colleen Doran’s are reporting an item from Spin Magazine regarding COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a new anthology based on the songs of Tori Amos. The book will run some 400 pages and stories will be based on individual songs. Long-time Amos cohort Rantz Hoseley edits. Doran has a bit more:

I will be illustrating a 12 page short story for the anthology in fully painted color, using the style I used for the Orbiter cover art. The story is written by noted writer Derek McCulloch.

Other announced contributors include Lea Hernandez, Chris Arrant, Russell Lissau, and doubtless scores more. Hernandez had this to say:

I don’t know if I can say what mine is, but I can say no one will expect my take on it. Nope. Never. Being a fan of Tori’s since Little Earthquakes, and what a profound effect her music has had on me emotionally and artistically, this is not only a dream come true but an honor.

Amos is one of early adapters in the comics/media crossover trend, due to her friendship with Neil Gaiman (the two were introduced by Hoseley) resulting in many lyrical and comical mentions of one another over the years.


  1. My friend and all-around kick-ass artist Tom Williams (Oni’s “No Dead Time”) is also in this book. I believe the SPIN article will feature some of his art.

    I love these kinds of projects (The Umbrella Academy being another good example) since they bring new readers into the comic book world. Even if you hate the musician or their work, you can’t deny the potential for increased exposure and cross pollination.

  2. Amos,…gad!. I don’t understand the appeal. I hope her connection doesn’t turn people off of comics.

  3. Hope Larson is in the book too! I was a pretty big fan of Tori Amos in highschool and listed to the first few albums a LOT while drawing. I never got around to checking out the most recent cd, but I’ll pick up a copy of this book for sure.

  4. Steve, given that the character of Delirium from Sandman is purported to have been based on her, I think you can be fairly certain that the connection has yet to hurt the medium, and that anyone who’d have been so likely to be scared off by that affiliation alone weren’t long for this scene anyway. If there’s a place in comics for books affiliated with drivel like Insane Clown Posse, I think we can allow for works employing a little more personal expression of a wider range of emotion, whatever your opinion of their quality.

  5. People, please don’t bring the hate. Come on now.

    For Christmas I would like to give my posters the gift of removing their worst moments.

  6. Yowza! I’m a huge fan. This will have great sales potential given Tori’s rabid international fan base. Her last memoir, Piece by Piece (from Random House), sold more than 50,000 copies in US bookstores alone.

  7. It’s an incredible thrill to be included in this project. When Rantz invited me to pitch a story, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I can’t wait to see the end result!!!

  8. I wonder if some people will be disappointed if Neil doesn’t do something for the book, even if it’s write the forward or something like that.

  9. As a fan of both comics and Tori Amos (saw her in concert last weekend), I’m definitely looking forward to this.

    It would be fantastic if Neil Gaiman contributed a story — maybe he could expand some of the stuff he wrote for Scarlet’s Walk? — but even if he doesn’t, it sounds like there will be plenty of reasons to pick up the book.

  10. I lurve Tori Amos and am pleasantly surprised to see this. That’s one definite sale. More Colleen Doran art is only gravy at this point.

  11. I’m not a Tori Amos fan, but I am a fan of many of the contributors, so I’ll be getting the book for their sakes.

  12. It’s really a shame that it’s in right now to bash Tori, if anybody actually listened to her latest album they’d be pleasantly surprised to hear an accessible, high-quality piece of work.

  13. Hey, Steve Taylor, I’ve never been a big Tori fan, but I found her “American Doll Posse” so overwhelming, it made Numero Uno on my best-of list of 2007. Lesson, never pre-judge where a musician is today based on where you think they’ve been. And for Tori fans, I’d argue to the death that the new one is better than Earthquakes, better than Boys for Pele, etc. etc.

  14. Tori and decent art! What can possibly be wrong with that? And there’s 400 pages. Sheer bliss! Hopefully a nice big hardcover (Absolute format? Please God!) With Decent production values. BRING IT ON!!!

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