TOKYOPOP’s Fall 2009 Publishing Lineup

Fall is just around the corner and with it TOKYOPOP is bringing its new harvest of manga releases each month to help you survive the post-summer doldrums and keep you entertained once school starts again!

“We’ve got some great titles coming up in the fall, just in time for everyone to take a break from back-to-school homework,” says TOKYOPOP Senior Editor Lillian Diaz-Przybyl. “With everything from demonic hijinks to touching slice-of-life dramas to quirky science fiction, there’s a little something for even the most varied manga palate.”

Leading off the Fall 2009 season is the release of the first ever DOMO manga. The cuddly and irreverent mascot of Japan’s NHK TV comes to life in a full-color collection of hilarious, absurd, and outlandish stories. Follow Domo has he takes things one step at a time, embraces the littlest things in life, and learns not to believe everything he sees on TV!

MAD LOVE CHASE by Kazusa Takashima, the creator of WILD ROCK and MAN’S BEST FRIEND. MAD LOVE CHASE follows the adventures of Kujo Yamato, a prince of hell who has fled to the human world as an average high school kid looking to avoid an arranged marriage back home. Hell, however, is scrambling to find the prince and has sent their finest warriors, plus Kujo’s snubbed fiancée, after him!

Also releasing in September is MARIA HOLIC by Minari Endoh, the creator of DAZZLE. This hilarious manga tells the story of Kanoko Miyamae, who enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find the love her life and avoid her allergy to boys. She falls for the first cute girl she meets, but unfortunately that cute girl turns out to be a sadistic crossdresser!

October also brings KARAKURI ODETTE by Julietta Suzuki, which follows the life of Odette, an android designed by the brilliant Professor Yoshizawa. Odette is determined to find out the difference between human and robot, and the only way to find the answer is to pretend to be human–and enroll in high school!

For yaoi fans, CAUSE OF MY TEACHER by Temari Matsumoto, the creator of KYO KARA MAOH! and SHINOBU KOKORO, also comes out in October. CAUSE OF MY TEACHER is a collection of short stories featuring romance with a variety of cute couples. As a special bonus, this volume includes an extra story from the world of SHINOBU KOKORO.

November releases include LIBERTY LIBERTY by Hinako Takanaga, the creator of A CAPABLE MAN, LITTLE BUTTERFLY, CHALLENGERS, THE DEVIL’S SECRET and many more fan favorites! In LIBERTY LIBERTY, a young man named Itaru drunkenly falls into a trash heap, from which he is saved by a camera man. When Itaru breaks his rescuer’s video camera, he feels guilty. So Itaru decides to help pay off the debt–but he’s far from helpful at all!

MIKANSEI NO. 1 also comes out in November, from the creator of ST. LUNATIC HIGH SCHOOL and CODE GEASS: LELOUCH OF THE REBELLION. MIKANSEI NO. 1 introduces us to a girl born just a little ahead of her time: She lives in the 23rd century, but loves the 21st century! Luckily for her, she finds a mysterious object that sends her back to our time and right into the spotlight!

With December comes the holiday season and three new manga stories. THIS UGLY YET BEAUTIFUL WORLD, by GAINAX and Ashita Morimi and based on the hit anime, follows a high school boy who finds and befriends a mysterious girl emerging from a cocoon.

Next is MADNESS by Kairi Shimotsuki, the artist of SENGOKU BASARA RANSE RANBU based on the hit video game DEVIL KINGS. MADNESS is set in 3000 A.D., when mankind has been nearly destroyed by natural disasters. Only a pretty young priest and a mass-murderer can save the world–and only if they team up!

.HACK//ALCOR by Rena Izumibara and Takashi Tanegashima, the artist of .HACK//GNU, continues the .hack series from its main story .HACK//GNU. .HACK//ALCOR takes place in the online game “The World” and follows Nanase, a shy player who belongs to a newbie-helping guild in order to get closer to the guild master, on whom she has a major crush. But will love get in the way of her ability to save her friends when they are targeted by player-killers?