Floating World Comics in PDX is hosting two events tonight! First up, at 6 PM, Abby Denson will be signing her new book DOLLTOPIA as part of her West Coast tour. We’re told there will also be free cupcakes for everyone, and a prize for whoever brings the most “punked up” doll.


Then, at 7 PM, there will be a launch party and exhibition opening for NEGATIVE BULGE, a collaborative zine from Islands Fold featuring the work of Northwest artists Blaise Larmee, Kinoko, Sean Christensen, Theo Ellsworth and Luke Ramsey.


Sean Christensen tells the tale of how this jam-zine came to be, and how it came to be named:

We had a 5 or 6 hour mega drawing jam session on one of the hottest days in Oregon. What was made was a series of images starting with the theme of ghosts after discussing ghosts stories we had all had in our lives. Then it meandered through sweaty mind melts and the talk of the previous days events including a pack of asshole New Zealanders who attempted to destroy our friend Adam’s Libido on a walk to a post symposium party. I won’t re tell the whole tale but here is this.
New Zealander: “Is that yer pecker or your balls mate”
Adam: “Its all five! Don’t touch my penis dood, that’s mine!”
New Zealander: “You can touch mine”
New Zealander on his back: “Negative Bulge mate”
The rest is history.

Posted by Aaron Humphrey.