He’ll also be signing his new Radical comic, INCARNATE, which he both wrote and drew.


  1. Nice to see he’s advertised as a reality star first and a writer artist / second. If there are any manga fans in the audience, I’d love to hear his reply when asked if he’s ever read Hellsing. The main character is the spitting image of a young Alucard. Some of the poses I cold -almost- swear are direct lifts.

    Another poster on another board said one of the characters bore a striking resemblance to a Bleach character.

    I dunno. If he wasn’t the son of a rock God and a reality show star, I don’t see him getting much father than TokyoPop’s Rising Stars of Manga. And even then I remember TokyoPop kicking someone out for tracing panels and being too derivative.

  2. He’s what most would consider, ‘one of the lucky ones’, i.e., he doesn’t actually have to rely on this sort of comic book ‘foray’ to survive, being how wealthy and supportive his father is.

  3. I always think it’s funny when anyone mentions that it’s derivative of a work named “Helsing” that features a character named “Alucard.” Unless those names were used strictly in the English translations, I’m pretty sure that work is derivative of something else too, a work that’s probably spawned more works based on it than just about anything this side of the Bible.

    That said, I did immediately think of Vampire Hunter D when I saw the mouth in the main character’s hand on the one cover…