It’s not often we get to plug an event in the heartland, but we’re doing it now!

Who: Jai Nitz (writer) and Wes Wedman (artist)

Where: Elite Comics
11842 Quivera Rd.
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913) 345-9910

When: Wednesday, August 9th, 11am-7pm (beers to follow at a bar around the corner)

Why: For those of you who know, I write comic books. That said, there are two different kinds of comics that I write: my work-for-hire work (Batman, Fantastic Four) and my creator-owned work (Paper Museum, Heaven’s Devils, Season of the Witch). I’m equally proud of both, but Paper Museum is all my doing. It’s self-published, so the money for creating, printing, and distributing the book comes directly out of my pocket. While I’d love for all of you to read everything I do, Paper Museum is the thing that is closest to my heart. The new issue is one of the best things I’ve ever written, but it was woefully under-ordered. So, if you go looking for it later, you probably won’t find it. This is your opportunity to get a copy of the book and hang out afterwards. Yes, for those of you who doubt, I will be hanging out and drinking copious amounts of booze after the signing. If I’m not a good enough reason for you to come down, Wes Wedman, the artist, will be there too. You can get a sketch or piece of original art from him at the signing. He’s the next big thing in comics, so don’t miss out! Buy his stuff while it’s affordable.