And you thought book parties were just for NYC! This Saturday Mark Siegel will preside over a launch party for this First Second line at Quimby’s in Chicago. He’ll give a lecture, there’ll be a Q&A, a comics jam and then some old fashioned mingling.

Saturday, 7/8
7:00 pm
Quimby’s Bookstore
1854 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Comics-related music–one of Mark’s areas of interest is the interplay of the worlds of music and art/literature. He expresses this interest through the graphic novels he publishes, like Klezmer, a graphic novel by Joann Sfar about the origin of klezmer music in Eastern Europe.

“Lectureâ€?— Mark is an excellent public speaker, and he’s very passionate on the topic of graphic novels. In this audience-guided lecture, Mark will speak about the position of graphic novels in society, literature, and art today. He’ll discuss the “explosionâ€? of graphic novels and upcoming media on the horizon.

Comics Jam—great art and great writing in graphic novels today has inspired people everywhere to attempt their own comic art. First Second encourages comics creation with a few simple exercises designed to help people understand the basics of the underlying structure of comics.