With DC being the first comics media outlet to dive into the world of private streaming services with DC Universe, the flagship series Titans drew a massive crowd that — despite skepticism upon its release — were given what they asked for and then some with the first season of the show. Good news: Titans season 2 will be ready to stream this Friday, September 6th!

I don’t know about you, but after a long wait for the new season of one of my favorite shows, I space out a bit on what had happened previously. Some people have the time that they can watch it all over again. For those of us who can’t, here’s a rundown of what you may have missed with the characters during the first season of Titans.

Dick Grayson in TitansDICK GRAYSON (A.K.A. Robin)

Bitter, neck-deep in trauma from the death of his parents, former circus acrobat, and more notably the former partner and ward of billionaire Bruce Wayne, Dick (Brenton Thwaites) traded Gotham for Detroit after becoming jaded to his partnership with Batman (Hence the now-famous “Fuck Batman” phrasing) and becomes a detective for the Detroit Police Department.

Through his job, he meets Rachel (Teagan Croft), who tells him that she recognizes him from her dreams, but bad luck strikes often and Rachel is kidnapped. Luckily, Dick is kind of trained for this sort of thing in more ways than one, finds Rachel, saves her, and brings her to the home of superhero duo Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) with the hopes that they’ll take care of her — much to the chagrin of Hawk (who is none too fond of the former-co-caped-crusader). Bad luck strikes a second time, however, as all four are attacked and Rachel is kidnapped (for real this time).

Once again Dick tracks Rachel down only to find out she has joined up with Kory (Anna Diop). He joins the two women and makes a plan to bring Rachel to a convent where she’ll be taken care of and safe only to join up with Gar (Ryan Potter).

Dick then runs off  to meet up with Jason Todd (Curran Walters) — his replacement Robin — to solve the mystery of who has been killing off Dick’s old family friends from his days in the circus. Come to find out, it’s the son of the old mobster who (GASP) killed Dick’s parents all those years ago. Dick and Jason obviously take him down, but Dick finds himself questioning Batman’s methods even more after seeing just how violent Jason is in a fight.

But all random side stories come to an end and Dick returns back to the Titans just in time to be captured and put in an asylum which…ends rather quickly and then Dick decides that being Robin is officially something he cannot do anymore and burns his costume.

From there, Dick is off to hang out with Donna Troy, which definitely plays to his favor as Donna had just discovered that Kory has a plan to kill Rachel. Dick and Donna stop Kory just as Rachel discovers her true self and her origins and, when Rachel chooses to confront her Dad, Trigon (Seamus Dever), Dick is the only one who can pass through the portal to stop them. He chooses not to though, instead going through a dream sequence where Batman dies as he becomes corrupted and falls to Trigon’s influence — officially ending the season with Dick as a bad guy.

Raven's story ahead of Titans Season 2RACHEL ROTH (A.K.A. Raven)

Poor Rachel. Her overprotective mother gets murdered by an unknown assassin and when she runs away just to try and stay alive, she ends up kidnapped by the same man who killed her mother. Everything works out though because — yay for cool comics magic — an evil magical version of herself kills the guy before anything can happen. Of course, by this point she is picked up by the Detroit Police and is eventually rescued by Dick Grayson who is kind of a jerk and tries to dump her off with Hawk and Dove. That doesn’t work out because she’s kidnapped again by a creepy group called the Nuclear Family.

Rachel gets a little help when Kory rolls up on the scene and kills the Nuclear Family’s dad. The two of them join up just in time to meet up with Dick who decides with Kory that the best choice is to try and dump Rachel (again) at a local convent. This doesn’t go over too hot as Raven’s magical self is revealed and straight up explodes the convent; soon running away from Dick and Kory where she meets Gar and is introduced to a very early-stage version of the Doom Patrol. Eventually Dick and Kory show up again and, along with Gar and herself, they decide to make a go at being a proper team.

It gets to be time for the team to be tested though as they’re then attacked again by the Nuclear Family (with a whole new dad! Metaphor!) who are defeated by the Titans and then killed by their handler — Dr. Adamson (Reed Birney). Adamson, as it is soon revealed, knows a lot more about Rachel than even she does.

He drops a few bombs like, “I’m going to kill myself as a manipulation tactic to get your magical self to save me” and the sequel: Explaining that her dead mother wasn’t her real mother at all and that her biological mother is in an asylum. Turns out that last bit is sort of a trick, though, as the entire team is trapped in said asylum. However, all bad things have to come to an end; Rachel’s mother Angela (Rachel Emily Nichols) is able to escape the asylum with the rest of the team.

One of the bigger moments of the season was Rachel helping Kory regain her memory…but that ends up being a pretty big mistake as it’s revealed that Kory was sent to this planet to kill Rachel. Thankfully that doesn’t happen. What does happen is that Rachel discovers her dad is a demon named Trigon, and that she is both the best way for Trigon to arrive in the current dimension, and also the only person who can kill him. We love a cliffhanger!

Starfire's journey ahead of Titans Season 2KORY ANDERS (A.K.A. Starfire)

Kory wakes up from a car crash in Germany and has no memory of who she is or how she got there. She does, however, find out that she has some pretty awesome superhero powers which come in handy when she has to kill a man who has apparently been behind a whole plot to kill her. The man who was meant to be her assassin was looking for Rachel, so Kory takes that as a pretty clear sign that she needs to regain her memory…but also probably go find this Rachel. She does! But it’s unfortunately when she has to save her from the Nuclear Family kidnapping where she ends up killing the Nuclear Family dad before teaming up with Dick and Rachel and Rachel explodes the convent.

After Rachel runs off, Dick and Kory eventually find her, meet Gar, and become a team. The team bit comes in handy as they have to fight the Nuclear Family again, get thrown in the asylum together, and escape. You know how it goes.

Kory gets her memories back with the help of Rachel, and Kory remembers that it’s her mission to kill Rachel because she’s a secret space princess and Trigon is ready to destroy both Earth and Tamaran, her home planet. This is a mission that Kory obviously fails.


Oh Gar. One of the most under-utilized characters in season one.

Gar first appears in his green tiger form to Rachel as she is running away from the convent she just up and exploded. They make quick friends and Gar introduces Rachel to the Doom Patrol, who make her feel more accepted and welcomed. Kory and Dick show up though, and Gar leaves them to it — only to turn up again to fight the Nuclear Family and thrown the asylum by Dr. Adamson along with the rest of the newly-formed team. After their escape, however, Gar  — wracked with guilt and angst over killing a doctor while he was trapped in the asylum — gets really sick, which acts as the cause for Rachel bringing Trigon to Earth. It really isn’t easy being green, is it?

Now that you’re all caught up, all that’s left is looking forward to the continuation of the cliffhanger that Titans season 1 left us with. Will Dick pull the team back together? Can Trigon finally be defeated? Is there a whole new brand of villain lurking in the shadows? Take a look at the Season 2 trailer if you need some clues!

Season 2 of TITANS is set to premiere Friday, September 6 on DC’s streaming service DC Universe.