You send me something silly, you’re almost bound to see it show up on The Beat. Silly is the best of things to be! And Titan have been doing a rather great job with their promotional materials recently. Racing ahead of the release of Dan Boultwood’s new four-part miniseries IT CAME! – a parody of 1950’s alien terror B-Movies – comes a handful of posters, in the style of the original flicks.

In the promotional materials, Titan are acting like the comic is a film made back in the day, and the characters are all actors with their own imdb pages.

IT CAME! Cinema Poster

Boultwood describes the series, which starts in August:

IT CAME! can be summed up by calling it a 1950s comedy B-Movie pastiche from a studio that never was. Which, coincidentally, is also how I sum up my everyday life, but with less giant space robots. Only a little less, mind you.

Interestingly, this does seem to be riding a wave of British-Alien-Invasion stories in the British media at the moment. There have been a rash of stories on TV and radio in England recently – not forgetting the evergreen presence of Doctor Who – which juxtapose 1950s Britain with alien invasions. This is off-topic and a ramble, but if this comic interests you, you might also be interested in having a listen to Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully, which goes along the same lines. Aliens invading Britain are the new Twilight!


IT CAME! Cover

There’s also a faux ‘radio transcript’ of an interview held between two of the characters/actors found in the story, which includes questions such as the following:

I’ve heard that the special effects in this production are setting up to be almost as impressive as those found in ‘Gertie the Dinosaur’. Would you care to extrapolate on this at all?

Which is the kind of hard-hitting journalism we need more of in the comics community. I won’t copy and paste the entire thing, but you can head over to Newsarama if you want to read it in full.


  1. The link to Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully says that none of those episodes are available to listen to. A Google search doesn’t find any download or streaming available either.

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