Careful observers may have noticed that The Beat‘s scheduling has been a bit erratic of late. Apologies for the lack of Morning Beat for those of you in the Eastern and Central time zones. We’ve actually been working on some big stuff behind the scenes, which is time- and attention-consuming. That and a messed up sleeping schedule and too much Desktop Tower Defense. God forbid we ever get a PS3 like FMB keeps threatening. You will never ever see us again, and Torsten will have to take over this blog.

We are also once again way behind on answering emails. AND as long as we’ve got your attention (I wish!), anyone who is using our old old AOL email address should switch to our current Gmail one. ALSO, we don’t customarily use Facebook for business communiques — believe it or not an email to our Gmail account, as backed up as it may be, is still the most effective way to reach The Beat.

BTW, how cool is this cover, especially the haphazard way the artist threw that hand behind the cloud. Talk about burying the lede!


  1. Love the site, love the article. One small thing, you got the lyric quote wrong in the title. At least, if you are referring to the Simon and Garfunkle version.

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