So we move on from SDCC, and towards even brighter things. Thought Bubble has quickly established itself as one of the best conventions in the World, and so much so that this year all exhibitor tables sold out within two hours of going on sale.

Obviously that’s good and bad news at the same time, as a number of exhibitors were unable to book a table for themselves at the convention – which is why this week the organisers announced that Thought Bubble 2013 will be expanding to a third hall this year.


In a post made to their blog yesterday, they announce that they’ve managed to secure a third site in the area for exhibitors to gather, meaning several well-known UK creators who missed out on a table may now get the chance to appear at the festival. To start with, Thought Bubble will begin contacting people already on the reserve list, to give them a new chance at booking a table for November’s convention. They recommend that exhibitors who want to apply for a new table should get themselves on the reserve list as soon as possible, as they’ll work through the list chronologically.

This is interesting news not only for that, but in the way demand for conventions in the UK – where the only comics many people know about are The Beano and The Dandy – has grown significantly over the last five years. Not just from the people actually making comics, either – there’s been a slow rise in the number of comic retailers appearing in the UK, and attending conventions.

Thought Bubble started out as a single convention room attended by 500 people, but has now swelled to encompass three halls around 1400sqm in size. The convention hasn’t let any of the space go to film or TV companies promoting comic-themed products – this is entirely devoted to comics and craft. Demand for conventions is rising in the UK, and especially the demand for exhibitor space. It seems now more and more people are getting themselves involved in comics than ever.

Say what you might about the comics community – but more and more creators are now pushing themselves into the convention circuit. More people have product prepared and ready to showcase at shows, and more people are attending each year. We’re growing.


  1. Good news, I’m looking forward to attending.

    I disagree as regards: ‘… the only comics many people know about are The Beano and The Dandy’ – by now, pretty much everyone in the UK has grown up with a variety of comics, from Bunty to 2000AD. Yeah, you often get an ‘are they still printing those?’ comment, but comics are a big part of our shared culture.


    “MCM Expo has reported a record high of visitors at its Manchester Comic Con held on 20 July at Manchester Central.

    A total of 19,340 visitors (unaudited) attended the event, up from 11,300 in 2012.

    “Last weekend’s show also achieved a significant boost in advance ticket sales – a massive 138 percent higher than in 2012,” said MCM spokesman, David Axbey. ”

    And the tidal wave continues. I would not be surprised to see the Fire Marshalls at NYCC. Expect a line to get into the sales floor. That’s right: Javits Third Floor becomes Hall H.

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