Hardcore ReloadedWriter Brandon Thomas and artist Francis Portela will launch a new Hardcore comic this December with Hardcore Reloaded.

The book, which will be published by Skybound/Image, will take place after the previous season of this comic, which was simply titled Hardcore. For the uninitiated, Hardcore is an action spy thriller with sci-fi elements, specifically with technology that allows specialized agents to take over the bodies of anyone on Earth. They do this, of course, often using it in the service of assassinations and other black ops missions.

The idea is that the government has found a means of piloting human bodies like drones. In the new Hardcore Reloaded series, that technology has now seeped from solely under government control, to the wider world. Thomas and Portela are also a new creative team for the book, after writer Andy Diggle and artist Alessandro Vitti were on the previous season.

The book, which hits comic shops on December 18 and has a final order cutoff of November 4, also features colorist Leonardo Paciarotti and letterer Thomas Maurer. The full solicit for the comic, along with preview pages from its first issue, can be found below:

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Francis Portela
Colorist: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Editor: Jon Moisan
Synopsis: HARDCORE returns with more bullets than John Wick! Agent Drake once used the Hardcore tech to take control of human drones to protect our nation… but now, that tech is out in the wild. And the only one who can help him put the genie back in the bottle is his greatest enemy.
Final retail cutoff order: November 4, 2019
In-stores: December 18, 2019

Hardcore Reloaded

Hardcore Reloaded