Cheryl Lynn Eaton is blogging for Bleeding Cool .

And here’s the Flickr group, which is the must-see of the show.



  1. I don’t see what’s wrong with the armored girl.
    *wonders if matt is the kind of fratboy that wears, ‘no fatties’ tee shirts to bed*

  2. To think this used to be a Science-Fiction Con… now it’s just a bunch of costumed Southerners getting their geek on.

    Cosplayers ruined DRAGON*CON!


  3. OK. Three things…1) does leather geek have his arm in sling? 2) if you’re going to go to Ace Hardware and buy a sledge hammer as a prop for your costume…at least distress it a little. Make it look like it’s been used once in a while. 3) TAKE OFF THE GLASSES!!!