Aside from our gladsomeness that such a thing exists, and keeping in mind that it is still very much a beta undertaking, after barely 24 hours, we had a few more thoughts on the web version of The Comics Journal.

1) As in several iterations of the print magazine, the type is too small in this one. Unlike the print version, however, command+ fixes this!

2) Loooooong paragraphs don’t look good on the web.

3) Is there going to be news? The contributors list includes The Killer Elite of columnists and comics scholars — and Kenneth Smith!— hopefully someone has been tasked to become the Nellie Bly of this new enterprise.

4) Get rid of all that WordPress scrum at the bottom of posts. (Yes, The Beat has them too, but we haven’t had an upgrade in 3 years.) Everyone knows how to follow an RSS feed these days.


  1. “…the type is too small in this one…however, command+ fixes this!”

    “Cntl+” on a PC. Also, hold “Cntl” and move the scroll wheel on the mouse.