AMC and Next Games today announced that a location-based, augmented reality mobile game The Walking Dead: Our World will launch globally on Thursday, July 12.

The Walking Dead: Our World lets players fight walkers wherever and whenever they want: on the streets, in the park and on their sofa. Players won’t need to face the apocalypse alone, with Rick, Daryl, Michonne and all their favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead fighting by their side. The game will be available on iOS and Android.

The game is being developed by the studio which did The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile game and is touting itself as more than just running around your neighborhood like a lost puppy collecting pictures with walkers. TWD Our World has specific mission components you can do which involve characters from the AMC The Walking Dead TV show as you rescue survivors and build communities with other players. We’ll try out the game once it launches on the mobile stores to tell you if it’s merely a marketing app for the show or a zombie Pokemon Go.

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