The days are getting longer which means more time to read comics by the glare of a bright sun reflecting off a crystal ocean…or you know in your living room without the heat lamp on. Fortunately, this week has its fair share of debuting comics to make the best of that daylight.

Among the show stealers this week is the return of Aspen Comics bodyguard.

Executive Assistant: Iris #1


Story: Blake Northcott

Art: Donny Tran

Colors: Luis Guerrero

Published by: Aspen Comics


Last year, writer, Blake Northcott put together one of the most evolved stories for Aspen Comics flagship character Fathom. One that took notes from Aquaman in playing up living between two worlds, yet added a unique depth. Now the writer is taking on the world of assassins and espionage in this fifth volume of Executive Assistant: Iris.

In this newest launch, Iris’ best days of being a black market assassin or bodyguard might be behind her. Northcott opens the series by showing vulnerability to the character similar to the aged Bruce Wayne of Nolan’s final Batman movie. The wear and tear of a dangerous life have slowed down Iris as she’s taking more scratches previously avoided in the line of duty. Though she isn’t ready to get out of the game yet. When a corporation known as Magni Global acquires every private security firm on the planet along with tech from an underwater race known as the Blue, the now independent contractor Iris will become an asset the company is trying to acquire by any means necessary.

Newcomer artist Donny Tran does a solid job on figures, emotion, and action when it comes to illustration duties. Where it gets a bit dicey is in the panel layout choices. There’s a bit of unbalance in the way panels are laid out on pages; one page might look too weighted on top while others feel as if some animation is left out. Without a body of work to look at, it’s hard to say if the fault is with the artist or with the direction from the writer as Northcott herself is still coming into her own when in terms of writing for specific artist strengths.

Overall this new volume of EA: Iris has more going for it than against it. While it’s a bit of a slow start in the sense that the end is a bit heavy on exposition for a story that opens on an airport assassination foil, it does deliver big on early action scenes and willingness to explore the vulnerability of this badass character. Those things alone make it worth the cover price and at least a look at issue #2.

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