1981, Creation Con, New York:

Mort Todd, Dan Clowes and Rick Altergott. Via Comics Comics

c 1991-2, San Diego Comic-Con
Jack Kirby meets his namesake, Kirby Veitch. Via Rick Veitch.

2006, WonderCon
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The 52 crew: Mark Waid, Wizard 52 reporter Ben Morse, Grant Morrison and Greg Rucka. Kneeling, Geoff Johns and editor Steve Wacker.

Via the Cool Kidz Table blog, as part of their “decade” series. We don’t know which anecdote is more surprising: Morse nearly throwing up during a 52 editorial meeting, or Kiel Phegley mentioning that Wizard used a Filemaker Pro based blogging system.

2010, Wisconsin

Neil Gaiman channels Dr. Who. Via Birdchick. Many bird watching anecdotes in the link.