By Todd Allen

If you didn’t see the trailer for Man of Steel, the upcoming Zack Synder Superman film, in the previews before The Dark Knight Rises, the trailer has finally started turning up online.  The trailer is bleak and somber in tone.  It might be the whole film has this feel or it might be a deliberate attempt to differentiate a new project from the Richard Donner version the viewing public is familiar with (and that Bryan Singer was attempting to emulate in the last Superman film).


  1. I’m all for breaking away from the Donner. It worked, because it was his style. Smallville gave it a nod, but has held up on it’s own. I’m not the biggest fan of Zack Snyder, but I did like his work on Watchmen.

  2. So is Clark crewing on the Northwestern? I watched the last season of Dealiest Catch I must have missed him. Maybe he came on after Oppie season……..

  3. I actually like the idea of him struggling with the idea of becoming the icon we all know he will. That’s a pretty good story point. I’m actually interested in this movie for the first time.

  4. I’m in agreement with Ian. More fun please! Watchmen was a little too heavy handed. Let’s hope this is a little more loose and fun like a blockbuster Superman movie should be. The last one was so forgettable.

  5. The teaser works for me considering the various parts in play. The fact that it doesn’t just throw a bunch of random action shots at you ( unlike most trailers) is plus when you take into account that Zack Snyder is directing. The musing, wondering what my place is tone of the trailer hints at the story ( cooked up by the Brothers Nolan) are going for.

    My only gripe with what we know about the Man of Steel so far is a bit fanboyish – the choice of Zod, again, as the villain.

  6. I actually enjoyed the trailer for what is it. A teaser. I mean, there is a year till it comes out, have they even finished filming??

    Looks like it might have an extended origin, like Batman Begins, which I loved, so I’m willing to see how it goes. Then it shows us a little action with the ‘sonic boom’ which I thought was great.

    I just prey it doesn’t run for 2 and a half hours like DKR!! Which I thought easily could of been condensed to under two hours. The last Superman movie also ran way to long for me. So that is my only concern for the new movie.

  7. I agree with James. There is no reason DkR should have been as long as it was. I saw it at 11:15 am and crawled out of the theater at 2:00. Mind you I thought it was good but towards the end I was shifting in my seat trying to get comfortable.

  8. Smallville showed me the nebulous joys of watching a Dark Superboy. I thought there was something wrong with my television, it was so dark.
    Enough dark. Turn on the lights and entertain us.

  9. Phil:

    There is a famous story in the old days of Hollywood of a studio executive screening an early cut of a film. When it was over, the executive told the director that it had to be shortened by 19 minutes. When asked how he had settled on that precise time for editing, the executive replied that that was the time before the film ended that his butt started getting twitchy.

  10. “it might be a deliberate attempt to differentiate a new project from the Richard Donner version”

    That shouldn’t be too difficult. A villain other than Lex Luthor. No real estate scams. No bumbling henchmen.

    I kinda wish the movie folks would look to the Fleischer cartoons for inspirtation. I wouldn’t mind seeling “The Mechanical Monsters” incorporated into a storyline. I wanna Superman beat up robots … lots of robots … with a bad-ass villain in a tuxedo. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  11. I hate Superman enough that continued publication of that title has kept me from ever purchasing a DC Comics title.

    So clearly I’m not part of the target audience of anything like that.

    That being said, it’s interesting to me that the overall trend in DC’s movies seems to be generally pretty dark and serious, versus the fairly light and optimistic movies that have been coming from Marvel Studios. It’s an ironic contrast to the long-term atmosphere of the two publishers’ in-comic universes.

  12. I don’t know – I’m not sure I’m seeing anything that is that much different from previous takes.

    I wonder if it would be possible to take the fun and adventure we saw in The Avengers and combine it with a Silver Age take of Superman complete with Braniac, Bizarro and wacky Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane fun.

  13. Terrance Mallick: You got your Superman in my Tree of Life!

    Zack Snyder: Your got your Tree of Life in my Superman

    I’m kind of digging it, you cant really make a superman a fun loving hero imo for the big screen. There has to be a somberness to him, for how immensely strong he is/can be. I’m guessing they are looking to the myth of Hercules for the superman origin. in short, looks promising

  14. Didn’t realize that there were two trailers. The version I saw at DKR had the Russell Crowe voiceover –

    I like that version better, being juxtaposed a little better with the imagery that for all his doubts, he has a great gift to offer. I think the Costner voiceover version would be better with a few action scenes actually.

    Regardless, the trailer sold me on this (hopefully the Nolan “No Notes” clause is in place for Snyder).

  15. rich: You’re right — Superman vs. Robots would be super cool, and it would give him a chance to let loose with his powers in a way that could be impressive on screen. My one concern is that — nowadays — all evil robots look like Decepticons (even that “dragon” thing in Avengers).