We enjoyed a much needed internet vacation this weekend, which happily coincided with the arrival of some uplifting spring weather. We definitely needed a vacation, but we definitely need a longer one, so we’re going to kind of take it easy this week while we catch up on some old stuff and gear up for some exciting new stuff.

It’s kind of frustrating because we know that this blog is read by a lot of people — many have it bookmarked, may have it on their main RSS feed, some even read it first thing in the morning with their coffee. That’s important. And daunting. We take it as a sacred charge.

But it’s taxing. And sometimes we just miss things. We especially want to apologize to everyone who has been sending us their event listings that didn’t get listed. That’s one of those improvements we’re looking at.

But anyway, while we regroup a bit, we’ll still be around so keep the tips and emails and IMs coming.

Cover art by Nicollet.


  1. Indeed, I think God was so mad about that goal he sent an earthquake to smite Lazio for allowing United to sign Macheda.

  2. While I felt bad for FMB yesterday, I will not be doing so this week, as we attempt to claim 5th place, I think, for the first time this season.