Instead of announcing another Secret Wars title, Marvel today opted to tease a bit more about their FCBD All-New All-Different Avengers issue. The cover follows the usual Marvel tease, which shows seven figures lunging towards a almost-unseen opponent. Five of the figures are blacked out in a way familiar to Marvel teasers, but two figures – Ms. Marvel and the female Thor are shown. “Who will be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the dust settles from Secret Wars? Find out here!” The issue has already been advertised to feature a back-up feature of Uncanny Inhumans by Charles Soule and Brandon Peterson.

Let’s start with the obvious shadowed figures. In the top center of the image is Sam Wilson (still Cap) and underneath him is a spidey silhouette but with this being “All-Different”, it’s most likely Miles Morales (If so, good for you Marvel!). Over on the left of the image we see an image shaped like a flying Japanese Motorcycle rider is probably Pepper Pots in her Rescue armor, or a female incarnation of Iron Man we’ll meet during Secret Wars. On the bottom right, the gauntlets and helmet point to Sam Alexander bringing Nova into these Avengers. Above him is probably the hardest figure to place. On first glance it looks like Dr. Doom flying with his cape comedically dropped over his head, but a few theories like Hyperion and Dr. Strange have made the rounds on the internet. In sticking with the concept of things we haven’t seen yet, I’d venture to say this could be some new incarnation of the Vision that’s going to be similar to what we’ll see in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.

All-New All-Different Avengers will be a FCBD offering in shops May 2, 2015.



Let’s hear your theories on who these new Avengers are? Does it seem wise to already show the new Marvel U before Secret Wars even begins? Will Marvel announce the end of this new universe before they even destroy the old one?


  1. Looks to me to be Iron man; Captain America(Falcon); Nova; Ultimate Spider-man , Nova
    one that I can not make out due Captain America wing is in the way.

  2. I don’t think it’s cool to show what’ll happen after Secret Wars has even begun. I hate how everything is spoiled months in advance. I was kind of hoping they’d get all the characters back to their original incarnations. Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, male Thor, etc.

  3. Ms. Marvel? Nova? I agree that the center-front person is obviously Miles Morales. Thora is an immature newbie, so she needs training and who but Fal-Cap to train them? (“Fal-Cap, the Marvel Universe’s answer to Young Justice’s Martian Manhunter.”)

    Looks to me like this should be called the All-New All-Different New Warriors. So new they had to put the word “new” in the title not once but TWICE!


  4. I agree that spoiling things months in advance has hindered the industry in a lot of respects. In this new comics landscape the big two cater towards trying to buy for mainstream press headlines, while mainstream media doesn’t cover comics because they want to more because they’re forced to.

    I want to see Marvel pull the wool over everyones eyes and keep a secret just one more time. Speculation and analysis are the best parts of writing for independent media.


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