Cover English2Teshkeel is teaming with UNESCO and Aramex, a Middle Eastern transportation company, to deliver comics to children in several nations, including Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, to brighten this time of year.

Kuwait based Teshkeel Media Group. today announced that they have joined with Aramex, the leading transportation company and UNESCO to help children and teens in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine . As the centerpiece of the partnership, Teshkeel will be giving away comic books featuring their Islamic superheroes, THE 99 as well as books featuring internationally renowned comic characters like SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN and ARCHIE. More than twenty thousand copies of these various comic books will be distributed this Eid to children and their families in these locations through the joint efforts of Aramex (who is donating the shipping and transit services for the project) and UNESCO.

Headed by Naif Al-Mutawa, a UNESCO award winning children’s writer, Teshkeel is the Arabic publishing partner for Marvel, DC and Archie comics and the creator of THE 99, a superhero property based on Islamic culture and history, which debuted to worldwide acclaim in June 2006.

The project came in response to the strong interest Teshkeel’s publications have been receiving from children throughout the Middle East coupled with Al-Mutawa’s desire to encourage literacy, positive messages and positive role models for children too often faced with violent conflict and disadvantaged living conditions.

“As a child, books and comics were my great escape from whatever was troubling me,” said Al-Mutawa, Founder and CEO of Teshkeel. “Reading the adventures of Superman or the humorous antics of Archie and Jughead provided much need relief from the real world and taught me that truth, justice and friendship were all qualities to be admired. It struck me that the children in our region who have been affected by war, displacement and poverty need that message even more today. That’s why I created THE 99 and founded Teshkeel. And it’s why I wanted to make sure our books got in to the hands of the children who needed them the most. The generous support of Aramex (who is shipping all the books at its expense) and UNESCO (who are providing logistical support and handling the actual distribution) has helped make my dream a reality.”

Fadi Ghandour, CEO of Aramex, said, “We have been supporters of Naif and THE 99 project from the beginning. The team at Aramex shares his vision of providing positive role models and social values for the children of the MENA region. We look forward to working together to ensure that the message of hope inherent in Teshkeel’s comic books reaches children who have had their lives disrupted by war and social injustice. The super heroes in Teshkeel’s publications are a great way for us to reach children and their families with this vital message.”

Added Al-Mutawa, “The help of both Aramex and UNESCO has been invaluable in setting up this project. These real life heroes have helped ensure that this Eid, some of MENA’s neediest children will receive both inspiration and a form of escape from the day-to-day hardships of their daily lives. Putting a smile on the face of these kids is a feat worthy of any of our fictional superheroes and a terrific example of the positive work being done by both these organizations on a regular basis. It’s our hope that our combined efforts will serve to make this a brighter holiday for children everywhere.”