inglorious basterds
For those who just don’t have time to read Playboy for the articles, the famed pictorial magazine has been publishing some comics content, including, in the upcoming September issue, a graphic adaptation of a scene from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, the new Quentin Tarantino movie. The adaptation, with art by R.M. Guera and colors by Giulia Brusco was overseen by Tarantino himself. You can “see” the whole thing here in some kind of flash gallery. Click on the above for a larger version of the first two pages.

Continuing the Playboy/comics crossover, the magazine also spotlights the new Vertigo crime line in this piece.

And if you look closely, you will find a link to photos of a young woman dressed as Catwoman…with parts of her costume missing, if you take our meaning. Everyone loves comics!


  1. In a shameless act of self promotion I’d like to point out that the issue on sale now, (July/August issue) has a preview of “Fahrenheit 451 the graphic adaptation” in it.

    “Bastards” is a nice looking preview by the way!

  2. Even I have to applaud Playboy for this. They were pretty cool, and set up nicely, but viewing on their slideshow, even if you read at lightning speeds, it’s not slow enough to take the page in..but there is the manual setting, so nothing to complain about.