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Hathaway-Wilson comedy THE HUSTLE and Diane Keaton’s POMS may appeal for Mother’s Day

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Check out our first daily commentary show from WonderCon 2019!

INTERVIEW: JG Jones on why he’s taking a break from art

The artist is taking time off to address some health issues.

THE HOBBIT is just like rice pudding: good to the last...

Over the years, I've developed a stable of sick foods for those days—whether self-incurred or sent by nature—when you just can't get out of...

Jackson toying with a third Hobbit movie — just make The...

Deadline chats up Peter Jackson, who's mulling what to do with all his extra Hobbit footage and also dreaming of all the Middle Earth material in the appendices -- over a hundred pages of chronologies, genealogies, and linguistic notes. Deadline thinks an extra movie is a bad idea if it just stretches out Gandalf snooping around Dol Guldur and the daily doings of Dale, but we say...there's certainly a lot of material there.

Rare 12-minute Hobbit cartoon by Gene Deitch resurfaces

Don't have time to watch the whole two-movie HOBBIT from Peter Jackson, or even the Rankin Bass version? Well then maybe this 1968 "limited animation" version which clocks in at under 12 minutes is more your speed. It's actually a recently unearthed version of the Hobbit written by the legendary Gene Deitch (Tom and Jerry) and based on drawings by Czech illustrator Adolf Born. When we tell you you have never seen the Hobbit like this, we mean, You have never seen the Hobbit like this.