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The Beat’s Annual Creator Survey Part 3: Predictions and a Stephen...

More looks back, predictions...and a preiew of a new graphic biogrpahy of Stephen Hawking.

The Beat’s Annual Creator Survey, 2018 Edition, Part Three: “I’ve heard...

We're back with more thoughts on the state of the comics industry, news and inspirations. Thanks to the creators from all over the industry...

The Beat Annual Creator Survey Part 2: Previews and News galore

Here's the second part of our annual creator survey, and this time out we have some exclusive peeks at some new projects for 2016, as well as what might be hit of something cool to happen...but you'll have to read everything figure out what that is. Thanks to all for taking the time to participate in this survey especially during the busy holiday time. You can find Part 1 here.

The Beat’s Annual Survey 2015, Part Four: “Grandpa Con versus In-name-only-Con”

More thoughts on the future of comics, the intersection of media, conventions and just sitting at a table drawing, by folks ranging from publishers to creators to journalists.  What will 2015 bring? Surprises, like yesterday IDW/Top Shelf deal, which no one saw coming.

Garrity recaps The X-Files “Fluke Man”

Web comicker Shaenon K. Garrity has accepted her mission in life: recapping every episode of The X-Files in comics form at Monster of the Week and this week she hits everyone's favorite episode: "Fluke Man" an eerie monstrosity that sent Scully and Mulder capering through rivers of smelly sewage. I remember attempting to get my family interested in the X-Files one Thanksgiving and this happened to be the episode that aired; needless to say, my attempt was never mentioned again, especially at meal times.