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A Year of Free Comics: Rasl #1 by Jeff Smith

Spotlighting free comics on ComiXology, how about RASL #1 by Jeff Smith. A follow up of sorts to Bone, his beloved classic all ages fantasy, Rasl is a little more overtly darker, the story of an art thief named Rasl who uses something called "The Drift" to steal priceless artifacts from other dimensions.

SDCC 14: Jeff Smith Spotlight, the Head of Comic’s Cool Table

By David Nieves If you're a lifer, comics have always been the cool thing. Certain people personify what's "out there" and distinct about comics more...

On the Scene— Jeff Smith at CCAD/MIX: Avoiding Garfield

by Christian Hoffer As part of the Columbus College of Arts and Design’s MIX Comic Symposium, Tom Spurgeon (of Comics Reporter fame) interviewed Jeff Smith...

The Beat Podcasts! – Heidi interviews Jeff Smith!

Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it's More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat's own Heidi...

Jeff Smith's RASL in development with Wigram

Deadline reports that Jeff Smith's RASL is being developed by SHERLOCK HOLMES roducer Lionel Wigram. The series, the follow-up to Smith's million-selling fantasy Bone, concerns an art thief who jump to different universes to steal priceless works of art, but at a great personal cost.