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Graphic Novel TK: Terminology, Part Two

This week we’re bringing you part two of our conversation with long-time comics professional George Rohac about the wild world of publishing terminology. In this half, we cover everything from ARCs to ISBNs to paper stock to options to what exactly an indicia is. Our lingo rundown builds on itself, so maybe give part one a listen before you move on to this installment.

NYCC 2012: Kick-Watcher at NYCC

By: Henry Barajas One of the main reasons why I started writing about Kickstarter projects is because I care a lot about independent creators trying to...

Jen's 2012 Indie Comic-Con Photo Diary

Fun photos from San Diego Comic-Con! I'm no 'virgin' to cons but this was my first time at the BIG SHOW and working at a publisher (Fantagraphics) instead being a freelance cartoonist. Still, I managed to sneak in some photos during my bathroom breaks. More fun below: