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INTERVIEW: NEAL ADAMS Talks Comics as Witness and Testimony in WE...

Legendary creator, writer, and artist Neal Adams talks about the historical vitality of comics to tell stories about the Holocaust and the present need for Holocaust education.

24 Hours of Halloween: EC Comics Cover Gallery

Could more be said? The gold standard of comics horror.

31 Days of Halloween: EC Comics on sale at Comixology

You can't spell "horror comics" without EC—these finely drawn masterpieces of the macabre set a standard for illustrated chills that were so unsettling, they nearly...

Must Read: The Literaries

If you read only one think piece on comics by a great cartoonist today, you should read The Literaries by Eddie Campbell. The piece spins off of the current discussion on the place of EC comics which I mentioned the other day. Campbell's response is specifically to Ng Suat Tong's declaration that EC comics were mostly well-drawn pulp.